What Does Root Canal Therapy Involve?

If you develop an infected tooth, or an abscess forms, then you need treatment to avoid losing your tooth altogether. We typically recommend a restorative procedure known as a root canal to correct infection. What does root canal therapy involve?

Try Our Quiz on Root Canal Therapy

  1. True or False: Infection can eventually lead to tooth loss.
  2. True or False: Aching teeth can be a warning sign.
  3. True or False: A root canal can correct the problem.
  4. True or False: We use crowns to ensure the tooth looks natural.

Answer Key

  1. True. Without treatment, an infected tooth can grow worse until the tooth dies. At this point, the dentist will need to remove the tooth completely to prevent the infection from spreading to surrounding teeth or into the jawbone itself. However, if the issue were treated earlier then the patient could avoid the risk of tooth loss.
  2. True. Patients with an infected or abscessed tooth may notice tooth sensitivity, toothaches, pain when biting down or chewing, swelling near the tooth, fever, or a foul-tasting discharge. If one or more of these potential warning signs applies to you, then contact us right away to schedule a diagnosis.
  3. True. The procedure allows our team to open the tooth and remove the infected tissue. We can then fill the interior of the tooth with a special restorative material. After we cure the material, we cap the tooth with a dental crown.
  4. True. The crown will be custom-made using natural looking materials, such as porcelain or zirconia, to ensure the repaired tooth blends with your smile. If you have any questions about the procedure, then contact our team today. We can treat your decayed or infected tooth and return your smile to optimal health and function.

Do You Require a Root Canal?

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