Albuquerque NM Dentist Discusses Slipping Dentures

Do your dentures constantly threaten to slip? If so, you may spend a great deal of time worrying about your dentures and how they are behaving in your mouth. According to your Albuquerque NM dentist, Dr. Mark Miller, slipping dentures are the result of a poor fit. You see, dentures must maintain an accurate fit because they rely on suction created by covering the palate to keep them stable in the mouth. If the fit is inaccurate, the suction will not hold, allowing the dentures to wobble and move. Unfortunately, unsteady dentures can cause speech problems, embarrassment, and irritation. During speech, the facial muscles will grow tense in an effort to keep the dentures from moving. Unfortunately, tense facial muscles are not conducive to clear speech, causing words to come out garbled or slurred. The movement of dentures in the mouth can also cause physical and emotional irritation and may even lower self-esteem. (more…)

Albuquerque NM Dentist Shares a Historical View of Dentures

Unfortunately, our teeth are not as permanent as we would like them to be. Over time, they can succumb to bacteria and die. When teeth are lost, the body suffers in several ways. For instance, digestion is made more difficult when food is not broken down thoroughly, a possible side effect of tooth loss. The jawbone may also lose density as bite force is no longer being transferred by the lost teeth to stimulate the jaw’s bone cells. Thankfully, however, there are solutions to tooth loss. Among the most famous of these solutions are dentures, which have been around for many years. During this time, dentures have undergone numerous changes. To learn more about the evolution of dentures, read the following information from your Albuquerque NM dentist, Dr. Mark Miller. (more…)

Albuquerque NM Dentist Answers Your Dental Bridge FAQs

Dentures are commonly talked about when it comes to prosthetic teeth. Dental bridges, on the other hand, are not mentioned as often. Therefore, it is not uncommon for patients to have questions when it comes to a restoration that involves a dental bridge. To learn the answers to several frequently asked questions about dental bridges, read the responses from your Albuquerque NM dentist, Dr. Mark Miller, below. (more…)

Albuquerque NM Dentist Quizzes You on Root Canals

Root canal treatment is often spoken of as though it is a treatment that patients should avoid. However, a root canal is a very valuable procedure that can preserve an otherwise-doomed tooth. So just how much do you know about root canals? To find out if you can separate fact from fiction, take the following quiz from your Albuquerque NM dentist, Dr. Mark Miller, and check your answers below. (more…)

Albuquerque NM Dentist Explains How Dental Fillings Protect Teeth

When a cavity is discovered, it is important that a dental filling be placed right away to restore the tooth to optimal health. But have you ever wondered what would happen if a dental filling were neglected? To find out, read below as your Albuquerque NM dentist, Dr. Mark Miller, discusses the important role dental fillings play in protecting teeth. (more…)

Fight Bad Breath with Dental Hygiene

toothbrush and dental flossAlthough there are numerous products designed to freshen your breath, there is no getting around the fact that good dental hygiene is the best way to combat bad breath. Aside from some illnesses, bad breath is almost exclusively caused by certain oral bacteria. These bacteria are constantly forming plaque (a clear, sticky substance) so that they can attach themselves to your teeth. If plaque remains on teeth for 48 hours, it will harden into tartar, a substance that a toothbrush and dental floss cannot remove. Therefore, in order to keep your breath fresh and prevent your oral health from declining, it is up to you to remove plaque by brushing and flossing before it can form tartar. Unfortunately, even in the midst of the most diligent homecare, tartar may begin to build on teeth. Thankfully, though, you can keep tartar from damaging your teeth and creating bad breath by attending regular dental cleanings with your Albuquerque NM dentist, Dr. Mark Miller. (more…)

Does Teeth Whitening Have a Long-Term Effect on Teeth?

If your teeth are yellow and stained, you may have wondered about teeth whitening. However, aside from the surprising number of whitening products and procedures available, many people wonder whether teeth whitening treatments will have a long-term effect on teeth. The answer to this query, according to your Albuquerque NM cosmetic dentist, Dr. Mark Miller, is that it depends upon individual circumstances. (more…)