Category: Restorative Dentistry

How Do I Keep My Smile Whole?

Tooth loss is embarrassing, impacting our social life and even our ability to speak clearly. However, avoiding tooth loss is often possible with regular dental care and good oral hygiene. In today’s blog, we’re going to look at what Albuquerque, NM, residents can do to keep their smile whole. We’re also going to mention how… Read more »

Does Your Smile Need A Full Denture?

In one of our previous blogs, we discussed how a partial addresses tooth loss for those with missing teeth spread out across their smile. But what if one of our Albuquerque, NM, residents has lost a majority of their teeth, or all of them? In this situation, we need more than partial. Let’s talk about… Read more »

How Do We Fabricate Your Partial Denture?

Last week, we looked at how we created dental bridges to address minor tooth loss. Today, we’re going to focus on partial dentures, and how they help Albuquerque, NM, residents with more severe cases of tooth loss. We’re going to talk about how we design and create them, and why talking to your dentist about… Read more »

Creating A Custom Dental Bridge

Tooth loss is not minor problem. In fact, losing your natural teeth has been linked to trouble eating and speaking, and even a prematurely aged appearance. However, to help our patients with missing teeth, we may create a custom-made dental bridge. Let’s talk about how we treat tooth loss in Albuquerque, NM, with our custom-made… Read more »

Preventing Wisdom Tooth Impaction

For teen patients and young adults in Albuquerque, NM, the risk of wisdom tooth impaction can be high. As we approach adulthood, these additional molars may erupt and threaten our overall oral health. In order to prevent a painful impaction, we often recommend extraction. When do we remove wisdom teeth and what should you expect… Read more »

Warning Signs Of A Dental Infection

How do you know if your tooth becomes infected? You may experience serious pain in and around your smile, pain which could indicate a serious need for treatment. In today’s blog, we’re going to discuss the warning signs of an infected tooth, and when our Albuquerque, NM, patients should come to us for treatment.

5 Ways Crowns Improve Smile Health  

A dental crown offers a chance to repair teeth and boost the smile’s health and appearance. In today’s blog, we’re looking at how these restorations help our Albuquerque, NM, patients enjoy improved oral health. How do we create one? What makes them such a natural looking dental restoration? When should you see your dentist for… Read more »