Dental Checkups at Snow Park Dental

Think about preventative dentistry this way: would you rather deal with a simple and straightforward cleaning or a more invasive procedure, such as root canal therapy? Routine dental checkups and cleanings will not only leave your teeth and gums feeling clean and refreshed, they ensure that oral health problems are identified and addressed early. Patients who receive regular checkups and cleanings, and who also practice good oral hygiene at home, generally spend less time and money on dental care and enjoy better overall health.

Your personalized care at Snow Park Dental begins with thorough diagnostic records, including your medical and dental history, panoramic and digital x-rays, digital photographs, clinical examinations, diagnoses, and, in some cases, wax models. Completing our health questionnaire before your first visit will allow Dr. Miller to customize your experience to suit your specific needs.

At your checkup, Dr. Miller will perform an in-depth visual scan of your entire mouth, looking specifically for early signs of oral cancer. Visual oral cancer detection, while both simple and painless, could save your life from this deadly but highly preventable disease. X-rays will allow Dr. Miller to check for decay on and between teeth, bone loss, and other abnormalities not visible to the naked eye.

In the normal course of daily life, eating, drinking, and salivating will cause dental plaque and tartar build up on your teeth. A thorough at-home dental care regimen can reduce that buildup, but it can’t remove it all. That’s why you need to come in for a regularly scheduled cleaning with the dental hygienists at Snow Park Dental. Utilizing ultrasonic technology, we apply high frequency vibrations which cause plaque, and calcified tartar to literally fall off teeth, without damaging enamel.

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