Dental Implants From Dr. Mark Miller

Some patients feel that bridges, dentures and partials alone may not provide the stability and security the desire in a dental prosthesis. In such cases, a dental implant may be an appropriate choice. In general,dental implants refer to an artificial tooth root, often cylindrical or screw-shaped and composed of titanium, anchored into the jawbone. Once anchored and allowed to heal, a dentist will top the implant with a crown or series of dental prostheses.

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Dental implants serve as a secure base for single crowns, bridges, partials, and dentures. After securing the desired prosthesis, Dr. Miller will contour your gum line, ensuring that your new implant is indistinguishable from your natural teeth. Studies show very high success rates for implants, especially in conjunction with a consistent at-home oral hygiene regimen and regular checkups and cleanings. Furthermore, the security and stability of dental implants will give you a feeling of confidence that will shine through in your beautiful new smile.

Dr. Miller has a special interest, training, and expertise in dental implants and belongs to several dental implant study clubs.

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