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As we age — and despite our best efforts — we often face the loss of one or more teeth to gum disease, tooth decay, and accidental injury. Such tooth loss can lead to a variety of issues including:

  • A loss of self-esteem and confidence since missing teeth can alter the look of your face and make you appear older and less healthy.
  • An increased risk of tooth decay due to food particles trapped in the spaces between the remaining teeth.
  • Increased frequency of TMJ disorders since missing teeth can cause the remaining to drift which affects the proper alignment of the upper and lower teeth.
  • A decreased quality of life since missing teeth can affect the types of food you are able to eat. After a tooth is lost, the jawbone weakens, making it more difficult to chew normal foods. As you rely more and more of soft, mashed foods, the jawbone weakens further, making restorative dentistry and more remote possibility.

At Snow Park Dental, we want our patients to feel confident and secure in their oral health. Dr. Miller is committed to fitting you with the highest quality, natural looking prosthetics whether you need:

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