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“Dr. Mark Miller and the rest of the facility are, simply put, AMAZING! I cannot think of one negative comment to say about them, and can only continue to brag to everyone who is willing to listen. They knew who I was upon my second visit, and they addressed every concern thoroughly and confidently! I have always had a VERY negative view of visiting the dentist until my two year involvement with Mark Miller and his staff!! Thank you guys for everything!” Stephanie Ruiz


“Had my cleaning and fillings done yesterday and both experiences were better than I’ve ever had before with any other dentist. The office setting is calming and both Dr. Miller and his hygienist were gentle, quick and friendly.” Yvette Hall

“The spot! I love having everything fixed and not having to come back. Thanks!” Anonymous

“Dr. Miller is an incredibly gentle Dentist.” Anonymous

“Dr. Miller always spends time assessing the situation and comes up with options for repair. The option he deemed the better one was also the less expensive in this case. Even though the shot to numb hurt a bit the rest of the appointment was totally pain free.” Linda Garcia

“Dr. Miller is an excellent Dentist. I have never been to a Dentist that doesn’t cause any pain. He is accurate and extremely gentle as he is administering the numbing medicine. He made me feel safe and comfortable so that I wouldn’t experience any fear of the noisy drills and the long procedure necessary for a root canal. Thank you so very much y Muchas Gracias Dr. Miller, a Phenomenal Dentist. Oh yes, and he has fantastic jokes!” Ofelia Chavez

“No swelling, bleeding or pain afterwards! Thanks” Jonny S.

“The teeth cleaning scaling and planing was very easy. The tech was very efficient and professional. I would highly recommend them!” Anonymous

“Who expects a PLEASANT experience visiting a dentist’s office? I found Dr. Miller’s office staffed by delightful and competent personnel from him on down. I am not yet so overwhelmed that I actually look forward to my next visit but I certainly do NOT dread it, which is saying something for dentists. “Tis the place to go for dental care.” Laurence Lattman

“My husband and I have had good experiences with Dr. Miller and all his staff. It is a great dental office. Dr. Miller and his hygienists are very skilled. I have some sensitive areas where my teeth hit my gums and Erin, who cleans my teeth, is always careful not to hit them:) I highly recommend this practice.” Kelli I.

“Cannot say enough praises for Dr. Miller and his staff. They are super friendly and very helpful. They always make me feel important and show they truly care. I’m not just some number on a patient folder. Dr. Miller has a wonderful personality and so pleasant. I felt no pain with my fillings (I have in the past with other doctors). I highly recommend Dr. Miller and his wonderful staff.” Anonymous

“Dr. Miller is the first dentist that was able to make me feel comfortable enough, to work on my teeth, without the use of the “laughing gas”. 30 or more years I have been in fear of dental work after a very bad experience… So this is quite the accomplishment of the doctor! The staff is as caring and wonderful, Marilyn, has always made sure that I was treated with the utmost compassion…. I would highly recommend this office!!” Anonymous

“Great experience for someone who’s a big ‘ol chicken at the dentist office!” Deborah Blaser

“This is the second time I have had excruciating pain. The last time I had no where to go because my dentist would not see me until Monday. I was in pain the Thursday before Monday. I called Dr. Miller’s office and he was able to see me. I decided to move over to Dr. Miller (even after going to my dentist for the past 30 years). I think my past dentist lost his connection to his patients. Dr. Miller listened, shared his wealth of knowledge and showed he cared. And… when a new pain came along this weekend, Dr. Miller made time to see me. I whole heartedly salute Dr. Miller and his team. Thank you for making my mouth feel “normal” again, and above all making me feel that you care for me and my health.” Paul Sedillo

“I found this visit to be great. Getting a broken front tooth sucks but 24 hours later Dr Miller had it all back together! I think his is great as a dentist but I think he is a down to earth kinda fun person also. A+” Billy Liggett

“These people genuinely care and are very informative. They may not be very cheap, but the service was 100% covered by the insurance company. They give quality care; I highly recommend them. (Just a note on myself, I’m very picky when it comes to dentists.)

About Hygienist: Erin is the best. Even though it’s been too many years from my last cleaning, she was quick and very thorough with only minimal pain. She was comforting, too.” Anonymous

“I received excellent treatment from Dr. Miller and his staff.” Jesse Hyder

“I am so afraid of the dentist, but going to Dr. Miller was not so bad (considering I had to go at all). He numbed me on the first try (which has NEVER happened), and was quick and efficient. And his office was able to get me in the same day, which was Friday and their half day. Thanks so much!” Lynette Chavez

“Professional. Had a root canal my first one always been apprehensive about getting one but it was just fine and Dr. Miller and staff were kind and courteous. A very nice warm environment.” Ramona Bottari

“I’ve had several dentists over the years and was very happy to find Dr. Miller recently when my crown broke. He saw me within one day and put in a temporary over a lunch hour – incredibly comfortable and painless. I have had terrible experiences with Dentists and pain as the often they never seem to get the area numbed enough – not my experience with Dr. Miller. Just a wonderful experience – I’m pleased to have found my new Dentist.” Anonymous

“Dr. Miller’s office scheduled me as a new patient within a week for a crown. I was pleased with the almost painless novocaine shot and the professional care of the office. I would recommend the office to others.” Martha Ketelle

“ I discovered a missing filling and became concerned. I called and Dr. Miller worked me into his already busy schedule. Sure enough I needed a new filling which was painlessly and quickly done at the same visit. That is the kind of response and care I have experienced with Dr. Miller and his staff for so many years. The quality of patient care does not get any better!”

Robert Janes

“I’ve been fortunate to have experienced excellent dental care in my lifetime. I would place Dr. Miller at the top of the list. His professionalism, manner & expertise are top notch. His facility is extremely well run with happy & professional employees. Wait times are minimal. If I could think of anything negative, I would. But I can’t. Not only is his rapport w/his patients outstanding but also with his assistants. I had 4 inlays done in a brief period of time. Pain was minimal; in fact, there wasn’t any. I would heartily recommend Dr. Miller to anyone requiring dental care.” Anonymous

“Went to have a broken tooth looked at. Expected a series of follow-up appointments, but instead all was checked repaired and completed on the spot! I love having

everything fixed and not having to come back. Thanks!” Leo Bynum

“Thanks to the great reviews I read from others, I decided to call Dr. Miller’s office for my father, whose top dentures had broken. Wow! These people treated my father with such care that I can’t express how pleased I was. They worked quickly and efficiently, immediately fixing the dentures he had, and soon after, making the new ones he needed. The Doctor who made the dentures worked closely with my aging father, consulting me every step of the way. (I only know him by his first name, Mike. Unbelievably friendly.) Dr. Miller, Mike, and his staff were simply awesome! If there were a 10 star rating, I’d give them a 10. Never in my life have I met a dentist and staff that work with such compassion as these people. It’s obvious that they all truly care about you. The first day my father met Dr. Miller, he said he knew that he was going to take good care of him, and he surely did. Now, my father says he feels like a new man, with that new beautiful smile. And thanks to Dr. Miller, my 86 year old dad looks handsome as heck! Thanks go to them through this review, as these guys truly boosted my father’s moral and now he can eat anything he wants! ********** Ten Stars to Dr. Miller and Dr. Mike! Highly, highly recommended!” Anonymous

“I have been to multiple dentists in Albuquerque in the past and none have given me a good experience. Dr. Miller’s office for the first time gave me the dentist experience that I should’ve had in the first place. Dr. Miller, Erin the hygienist, Dr. Miller’s asst., Marilyn, and Theresa gave me the kindness, understanding, and good over all dentistry and experience I needed and that every patient deserves. I also wanted to mention that Dr. Miller’s staff does a great job at protecting private pt. information.”

About Hygienist: “Erin rocks! She was gentle, personable, and educated me.” Anonymous

I’m extremely pleased with the service Dr. Miller provided. The unexpected root canal and the artistic replacement of my crown was done very well. Thank you. Maureen Wudarzewski

Always attentive and friendly. Quick appointments that accommodate schedules. Dr. Miller and staff make our family feel at home.

April Campbell

“After my regular Dentist of 25 years retired I had a horrible time finding a Dentist that I trusted, I am terrified of shots and I have had some BAD experiences. I called Dr. Miller the one shot wonder!!! I did not even know he was giving me the shot!! I trust him completely. My crown is so beautiful you don’t even know it’s a crown. I am so very happy I have finally found a GREAT Dentist. I will recommend him to everyone I know.”

About Hygienist:

“His Hygienist, Erin is the best in the business, no pain, totally professional and really really good. My teeth have never looked better.” Anonymous

“No more bad experiences with dentists!! Dr. Miller cured me of “dentist fear”. I had extensive work performed on my teeth with no pain and he did an outstanding job. His staff is the greatest. I highly recommend this dentist. It was so smooth, he had to tell me had had pulled it.” Sue Tolan

“This is a wonderful office with kind, competent, and highly skilled people. I just had a crown replaced and only have the temporary which just fits (isn’t throwing off my bite or feeling like it’s taking up half my mouth). Lots of support for improving my overall dental health from very nice people.” Jane Bluestein

“Amazingly responsive to his patients I had an urgent problem and they fit me in that day. Dr. Miller and his staff do a wonderful job.” Ms

“When I first walk in, I feel so nervous then Marilyn greets me with her beautiful smile and shares some great stories, then I’m o.k. Dr. Miller, like always is smiling and gently works on my crown prep. and tells great jokes. I never realized a dental visit could be so great. Muchas Gracias, Dr. Miller”

Ofelia Chavez

It has been a while since I have been to a dentist. Mostly due to the fact that I am fearful of finding a new dentist. I went to Dr. Mark Miller on a whim and because my insurance has him listed as a provider. Dr. Miller and his entire staff are very welcoming and set me at ease instantly. Then came…the time to poke at my teeth, I was nervous. Dr. Miller helped me relax and he was extremely gentle. I no longer need to find a dentist, because I have found a dentist that is perfect for me. Thank you to Dr. Miller and your staff!

Victoria Ballengee

“After recently breaking a crown, I stumbled onto Dr. Miller and made an appointment. What a lucky break!!! No-pun intended… I normally get very anxious about dental visits. Not so with Dr. Miller. Very enjoyable and I felt nothing during the work. The temp crown was the most comfortable I’ve ever experienced. My visit was so pleasant, I talked my husband (worse phobia than mine) to visit Dr. Miller. We are both extremely happy to have found a dentist that we trust.” Joan and Jeff B.

“You guys are all great! Thanks for many years of dental work. I will see you the next trip to Albuquerque.” Sandra Lethem

“This was my first visit to Dr. Miller’s office and I was impressed at how friendly and efficient he and his staff are. They were able to get me in the same day (I had a minor emergency) and fix my tooth. I highly recommend Dr. Miller.”

Amanda Lilagren

“Personal, competent care is provided by everyone in the office from receptionist-administrator Marilyn to dental hygienist Erin and Dr. Miller himself.”

Ann-Harris Davidson

“I really trust snow park dental. great work by amazing people.” Keith Stout

“I recently visited Dr. Miller to fix a broken filling. Even as a new patient, the staff made me feel right at home. The Doctor was very friendly and professional and fixed my problem quickly and painlessly. I recommend Dr. Miller to anyone needing dental care.” Joseph Long

“First of all if you don’t need the work done Dr. Miller will not require it, he will go over the entire treatment plan before doing anything and go over every step, the staff is extremely customer service oriented. I can’t recommend him for implants or cosmetic treatment because I didn’t need it. What I did need was a total make-over of some bad dental work done by another dental organization. I would recommend Dr. Miller for his precise attention to detail, competency and honesty. The same goes for his support staff.

About Hygienist: I only went to one hygienist and she was extremely good, gentle and thorough.” Anonymous

“I have always received great service at Dr. Miller’s office. I have my teeth cleaned several times a year, and they do a fantastic job. Thank you for making dentistry less uncomfortable.”

Edward Glenn

“Super friendly staff, reasonable rates, and simply OUTSTANDING customer care! The team took care of my wife and I professionally and with a great personal touch. I never felt the shots! This is the BEST dental team I’ve ever had!”

Shawn Thomas

“Thank you so much, Dr. Miller and attentive STAFF for being there for me. I wasn’t sure what I was up against but Dr. Miller calmly and with a smile reassured me that my tooth would be all right. Dr. Miller worked on my molar – gently and painlessly, as always. If you’re looking for a dentist you can trust and feel safe, look up Dr. Miller and his welcoming staff. You will be in the best of hands. God Bless” Ofelia Chavez

“I needed to have dental surgery at Dr. Miller’s office yesterday and I will have to say that he gives the best shot experience that I have ever had. He takes his time and the first shot he puts the medicine in very slow and it doesn’t hurt. After experiencing this, I am wondering why more dentists are not doing this for their patients…Overall and for as much as he did for me yesterday, I will have to give him an A+…” Evelyn Freedman

“Very good and knowledgeable staff here.” Ron Riley

“A trip to the dentist always caused me great anxiety. So bad was my phobia, that I hadn’t been to a dentist in twenty years. As luck would have it, I broke a tooth and needed help. I’ve found Dr. Miller and his staff to be first rate. Dr. Miller took his time to help ease my fear. The whole process was comfortable. Due to the care I received, I have scheduled more work to be done. And that is the highest praise I can give.”


My first two visits at Dr. Miller’s office (initial consultation & cleaning) were great. I am very glad that I chose Dr. Miller from the hundreds of other dentists there are in Albuquerque. I am confident that this is the beginning of an excellent relationship with my new dentist. Thank you!”

Daniel Eitington

“This is only my second visit, but I was very impressed by the professionalism and friendliness of the entire staff. Everyone takes time to talk with you and answer questions. There is not the assembly line feeling that is present in so many practices today. I didn’t even know when I had received the anesthesia injection. A 5 star rating just for that!”

Carolyn Warren

“Dr. Miller’s professionalism and sincerity is second to none. He has provided me dental care for almost 8 years. My husband and kids visit him too. He puts us at ease and provides gentle and wonderful work.”

Jennifer Drexler

“I’ve had a wide range of procedures done by Dr. Miller and a few others ones are still to come. He is very personable and gentle with his work. I switched to Dr. Miller’s office after having falling outs with other dentists that left me scared of any dental visit. However, the initial consultation with Dr. Miller was very comforting. He is organized and schedules you a treatment plan that works. His work is quick and pain free. I will never go to another dentist again.” Anonymous

“Dr. Miller and his staff are always pleasant and courteous. I have always received very good, professional dental care, both from Dr. Miller and Erin, his dental hygienist.” Duane De Werff

“He is great. Both my daughter and I were treated by Dr. Miller and we are very happy.”

Dexin Li

“Painless! And very nice.”

Andrew Cook

“Excellent Service and treatment. Dr. Miller always goes the extra mile. His staff is excellent. He is a first rate professional.”

James Rosenberg

“Excellent Service!

Charles Herrera

“This is the first Dentists office where every experience has taught me more about dental hygiene and where they really spent the time to explain how and why problems arise.”

Ana Medina

“Everyone at this practice, from the front office to Dr. Miller, provided professional and friendly care. My wait time was minimal. I appreciated their efforts to understand and meet my expectations for dental care, and to listen to my concerns regarding costs. As a relative newcomer to Albuquerque, I was glad the office was easy to find.”

Catherine Fellows

“Very Good Experience!!”

Richard Aguilar

“I had another procedure at Dr. Miller’s office yesterday and although it was a long one with shots involved, everything was good. He really gives a very good shot and the only thing I felt was the first little sting. He, together with his office staff, made me feel very comfortable throughout the long procedure. I will still give him an A+.”

Evelyn F.

“I’ve been going to Dr. Miller ever since I was 7 years old. He’s the best in the business. I am very happy with my smile. I show it to everyone.” Anonymous

“I was extremely fearful of dentists due to prior experiences. Dr. Miller has helped me overcome my fears. He has a very patient manner, is very encouraging and supportive, and works very hard to make sure I am comfortable. Dr. Miller is very good at explaining what my dental issues are and offers all available alternatives, making recommendations, as well as honoring my choices for my care. His assistant is very efficient and they both work very well together to provide superior care. The front desk and billing staff are very helpful in sorting out insurance and billing issues. I would definitely recommend Dr. Miller to anyone who is searching for a knowledgeable, experienced dentist who makes patient comfort and successful treatment his top priorities.”

About Hygienist: “Dr. Miller’s hygienist is very thorough and very gentle.” Anonymous

“Great customer service and personalized patient care!” Shawn Thomas

“Took care of the tooth problem I came in with quick! Friendly and professional staff and comfortable facility. Dr. Miller’s shots are nearly painless – very good.” Michael Wise

“I LOVE this office!” Devon Herndon

“Dr. Miller, I had my first cleaning on Wednesday, March 6, 2013, and it went much better than I expected. I had a lot of fear, due to past bad experiences. I was told to eat a high protein diet and not to have any drink with caffeine, (coffee, sodas with caffeine, etc). The hygienist was very gentle. She numbed my gums with a topical anesthetic and I was a bit concerned, because my teeth and gums are so sensitive,but there was no pain. Thank you so much for a pleasant experience.” Alice Hyder

“Excellent on all counts. Dr. Miller should advertise as a “No Pain” dentist as I felt no pain during the root canal procedure from start to finish.”

Jesse Hyder

“I have been very satisfied with the care I have gotten from Dr. Miller and his staff.” Daniel Eitington

“They are thorough, conscientious, and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend him to other people looking for a good dentist.”


“dr. miller saved my teeth.”

Keith Stout

“The procedure was explained in great detail. Empowering a patient this way is an excellent confidence builder.”

Elmer Opichka

“Great visit! Quick wait time and procedure.”

Lee Massey

“I was very pleased with my whole experience. This was my first visit, and I needed a tooth prepped for a crown and another tooth filled. Dr. Miller made the whole experience very pleasant. The staff went above and beyond to answer my questions and concerns.”

Nelia Frederick

Erin did a great job of cleaning my teeth. Yay, clean teeth! Erin is professional and friendly, and I felt very comfortable. I already have my next appointment. Count me as a happy client. Thank you.

Catherine Fellows

“Great guy. Fantastic dentist.”

David Bram

“Great staff, clean environment, very professional yet friendly, my family of 5 love them!!!”

Linda Plante

“I had a problem and wasn’t sure of the cause, but the pain was unpleasant and disrupting my work. Dr. Miller worked me into his already busy schedule on short notice. He made a thorough investigation, eliminated possible causes, and identified what needed to be treated. He gave up his lunch break to take care of my issue. As always, his analysis and solution solved the problem. His skills and compassion are remarkable. Dr. Miller has been my dentist for many years, and with good reason.

Staff is gracious and courteous. Dr. Miller provides the appropriate attention to the issues while being quite personable.”

Robert Janes

“Dr. Miller has always been the most caring considerate dentist I have ever had. I am the world’s # 1 chicken when it comes to dental work and he and his staff always make sure I am comfortable and not in any pain when working on me. He’s the best in my book! I’ll never go anywhere else!”

Janie Reynolds

“Good work. I always enjoy my visits, at least most of the time when things don’t hurt!

As always, the staff are kind and friendly. Dr. Miller is the best Dentist I have ever seen and they are all ready for anything that comes their way….”

Joe Evans

“I thought I had broken a tooth – called the office and was seen very promptly. Turned out to be a broken filling I guess but regardless, Dr. Miller took amazing care of me! That says volumes from someone who has had less than positive experiences with other Dentists.”

Joan Boyer

“After Dr. Miller came in and talked to me before we got started all my anxiety went away.” Joanne Morrow

“After having a horrible experience at the dentist some 30 years ago and losing all my Teeth in my upper Jaw. Then not really finding a dentist I liked here in NM. I quit going. Now I have found Dr. Mark A. Miller and the wonderful staff at Snow Park Dental. Dr. Mark is always informative and gives me a list of choices. Yolanda and the staff are always pleasant and greet you with a smile. Finally I don’t mind going to the dentist anymore. A BIG Thumbs UP to Snow Park Dental!” Daniel Lentini

“Dr. Miller’s office was able to get me in right away for dental pain. I have a fear of dentists and he and his staff made sure I was comfortable and explained everything to me.
I have been looking for a dentist that I want to keep, and I want to keep Dr. Miller :)” Anonymous

“I was very nervous to go to any dentist because of past nightmare experiences in both cost and pain. I came to Dr.Millers office with high anxiety, fear and lack of trust in dentists .Boy was I in for a suprise, the staff is the upmost professional,caring respectful bunch I have the pleasure to work with 🙂 As for Dr.Miller there is NO other person in world I would TRUST and go to for any dental needs. My family of 4 now all go to best DARN dentist in New Mexico …and quite possibly the world!!!! Thank you “DOC” for making me be able to smile with confidence. You are the best ever!!” Anonymous

“Having an appointment at Dr. Miller’s office is more akin to a visit with a caring relative than a medical visit. Just as family looks after your best interests and hounds you when you are not taking care of yourself, Dr. Miller and his staff place patients’ well being as priority one. There is an honest approach to oral hygiene, followed up by a gentle nudge to do what is right by your teeth and gums. I never experience any anxiety or apprehension regarding my dental appointments. The staff is always bright and cheerful no matter the time of day. They eagerly answer all your questions, from the routine to the more complex. Thank you, Dr. Miller and staff, for your courtesy, caring, and overall quality service.”

Erica Penninger

“Dr. Miller and his staff have excellent customer service skills; I never have to wait more than 5 minutes to be seen by either the dental hygienist or Dr. Miller. His office is so clean and the technology available is amazing. I have been with Dr. Miller for over 8 years and although I live across town I don’t mind making the 45 minute drive to have such an amazing Dentist and Dental Hygienist take care of my dental health.

I’m a hard person to get dumb and it takes multiple shoots (four or more) of local Anesthetic’s so I don’t feel anything. Dr. Miller tried a new technique on me to numb my nerve and it worked! Peer genius! I hope it works again the next time I need work. Tell him you want to try the numbing method that he used on Staci. He’s all about making sure the patient doesn’t have pain during their visits and he did just that. No more pain. I’m a happy patient.”

Staci Garcia

“I had to have a filling fixed that was causing me problems. Dr. Miller did a great job. I was in and out in 45 minutes. He told me I might experience some sensitivity, but I haven’t so far. He is a great dentist.” Jana Dunow

“Dr. Miller is terrific. I become very stressed prior to (and during!) dental visits. Dr. Miller and his staff are fabulous, sympathetic and caring. My dental work included replacement of broken fillings and an inlay, all painless. I don’t even feel the needles….really! Dr. Miller uses a special technique to make even that painless! Dr. Miller will chat and tell jokes, talk about movies to put a patient at ease. Nice Norah Jones music playing in the background (or whatever you care to listen to). Each visit has been a positive experience. I highly recommend!”

Anasthesia Andersen

“I appreciate what they did with my teeth. The environment is very friendly the people are friendly office very cozy they took very good care of me.”

Clifton Pierce

“Dr. Miller made me feel genuinely valued as a new patient, and comfortable with his care even though I’m somewhat afraid of going to the dentist. His staff and their service was exceptional as well. I would highly recommend them!”

Lisa Frazier

“Top notch, no waiting period, on time schedule and they work with your schedule.”


“Treated like I see them everyday and they put up with me. And I have recently recommended Dr. Miller and I expect a finders fee. (Ha).”

John Smith

“Mark and all the staff are always professional and positive. Great team!”

David Ray

“After several visits, which have entailed a dbl root canal, as well as molding and an extraction, I feel I’m somewhat qualified to recommend Dr, Miller. Each visit was a pleasure, did I just say that? Very Professional pleasing atmosphere, clean and well lit. His advice and analysis is concise and to the point. I have a long way to go and have every faith Dr. Miller will have me smiling in the end.”

Albert Redd

“Dr. Mark Miller and his staff are true professionals. I am a new patient and I was treated with respect, and made to feel comfortable as soon as I entered the clinic. Dr. Miller and his staff explain every procedure and the reason behind it very clearly. I am in the middle of series of adjustments, crown replacements, and a new bridge. At this point of my treatment I am having no problems with lingering discomfort or trouble chewing my food. I am looking forward to continue my treatment after years of neglect, all of which was my own procrastination.”

Mauny Muray

“Thanks you guys are wonderful!”

Patrick McElwee

“This is a happy place. Which is helpful when you stress as much as I do about having any kind of dental work. Dr. Miller is simply the best ever. He manages to combine wonderful technique with superior quality workmanship. Due in no small part to his huge body of knowledge and experience. He also has chosen great people to assist. Everyone is a working team and make me feel comfortable with the whole experience. Incidentally,( I just had to use that word) in case you are wondering, no, I am not his mom. I feel I can add this because he also has a sense of humor.

I appreciate the excellent dental work and am grateful for the availability to answer a phone message on the pager late in the evening, in my case bleeding that was continuing for several hours after the extraction. I also appreciate the very inventive solution to an extraction that was anchoring my partial. Improvements might include suggesting that patients stop taking blood thinners a few days prior to the surgery. The receptionist seems extremely nice and caring, but frantic. Perhaps her work load is excessive.”

William Batson

“Dr. Miller is the best. I have lived in Albuquerque 15 years in that time have been to several dentist. Dr. Miller is by far the best. He has always been there when I needed help. Not only to help but do his very best to fix what ever I needed fixed. Thank you Dr. Miller.” Dave Bills

“The staff is always courteous. Dr. Miller is always thorough, attentive, personable, and filled with good humor. As pleasant as a trip to the dentist can be.”

Stanley Fried

“I’m always pleased with my appts. Erin, makes me feel so relaxed and comfy when I’m in the chair. Dr. Miller always had a warm and pleasant smile. I truly love going to my dental cleanings! How many people can say that? :-)”

Christy Schrader

“I was a new patient. I had been to a dentist 4 times in 34 years and this was the first time this century, so I was not actually looking forward to my visit. When I arrived, I was greeted warmly and given the inevitable new patient paper work. I was helped thru the parts where I had questions. I was finally seated in a chair and was told that someone would be with me in a moment to ask questions about my teeth. The questions were not difficult, but designed to aid the Dr. in determining if I had any problems that needed to be taken care of. Dr. Miller then sat down with me for a minute and explained what was going to happen. His tech would come and take X-rays of all my teeth. The X-rays would be used to find hidden problems in my teeth. The x-rays were taken care of in a quick and efficient manner. The Dr. Miller reviewed the x-rays before coming in to do an oral exam. The oral exam was quick and painless. When the whole process was completed, Dr. Miller asked if I grind my teeth. I told him I used to in my sleep, but about 10 years ago had taught myself not to do it anymore. I have some wearing of my teeth that is not critical but if continued could cause me some problems in the future. Other than that I have no problems at all. This was a relief. If you want a Dr. that will tell you the truth, no matter how pleasant or unpleasant, Dr. Miller is your dentist. He will let you know what you need. He could have had me in for procedures that I did not need, but told me the truth. Obviously, honesty is a high priority for him. I would highly recommend Dr. Miller and his staff for anyone who is experiencing dental problems.” Bruce Bowers

“I have been under a long program to repair teeth that have been neglected for many years. I am thankful to have found Dr. Mark Miller. He and his team have taken time to thoroughly cover my options with me. Dr. Miller is thorough with his work always seeking perfection. I have had two crowns installed, and am now in process of bridging a missing molar. Dental work is usually an unpleasant experience, but not at this clinic with its friendly and processional staff. My compliments are directed to the entire staff, including the hygienists. My tab is high, but the staff was able to assist in a no-interest loan with affordable monthly payments. I highly recommend Dr. Miller and his team.”

Mauny Muray

“Outstanding service from the time I entered the office to departing. Everyone is very professional and courteous. Dr. Miller did an excellent job in preparing my tooth for a crown!!”

Harold Meisterling

“I have experienced many highs in my life. The scratch-off lottery ticket I purchased in lieu of a bottle of Boone’s Farm that resulted in $500 spending cash. The black motorcycle I bought with those winnings. Meeting Hulk Hogan. But nothing compares with the feeling of having my teeth fixed by Dr. Mark Miller. But seriously, my teeth were in really bad shape when I first met Dr. Miller. I am a really nervous patient and was afraid to find a new dentist. My previous dentist kept putting me off for about 2 years and I was missing 3 crowns. Dr. Miller quickly came up with a treatment plan for me and fit me in to his schedule to expedite fixing my teeth. He made me feel comfortable with his great sense of humor and expertise. I can barely feel anything when he gives the shot of anesthetic. The whole atmosphere is great in his office, his staff are all very knowledgeable and comfortable to be around. The hygienist, Erin, is hands down the best hygienist I’ve ever seen. My teeth feel so healthy now that they have fixed me up!! I will HIGHLY recommend Dr. Mark Miller to anyone and everyone.”

Robert Rossberg

“Best dentist office in new mexico”

Jesse Hugg

“Dr. Miller has been my dentist for many many years. He is a superb dentist with marvelous skills and a terrific chairside manner. I have fear when I go to the dentist but he makes it easy for me to be there. Most importantly my teeth are in great shape. I would never use any other dentist.”

Miriam Rand

“Hello, so far I have been very happy visiting your Dental Office. I have had no pain , that is always a good thing. I still get uneasy when I have an appointment coming up, but that is just me. Everybody is super friendly, and I feel very comfortable once I get there. See you soon, thank you.”

Elizabeth Rodriguez

“I was called at my exact appointment time. Cleaning started on time and all went well. Thanks for the positive experience.”

Diane Frye

“Any dental work that Dr. Miller has ever done has always been outstanding–no problems ever!” Anonymous

“Dr. Miller is an excellent dentist. He is knowledgeable, friendly, kind, and has a lot of passion for his profession. I had a very comfortable experience getting a cavity fixed yesterday, as well as a full cleaning. To top it off, his staff is genuinely friendly and easy to work with. One of my better dental experiences.”

Emily Blair

“Everyone is professional! My appointments are kept on time, the staff is friendly, courteous and they always take the step of explaining the procedure in terms I can understand. Better yet…I have not experienced the pain I associate with my previous dentists and office visits!”

Donna Dorsey

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