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Restorative Dentistry

Boost your Smile Appeal and Oral Health with Restorative Dentistry

Did you know that the primary cause of adult tooth loss is gum disease, also known as “periodontal disease?” This condition can range from mild gingivitis to severe periodontitis. It will affect up to 75% of adults in the United States at some point in their lives. Approximately 43% of these individuals will lose at least six of their teeth to periodontal disease by age 65. Other causes for tooth loss include injuries, tooth decay, and certain medications. A missing or broken tooth can impact one’s ability to eat, speak, and feel confident in their appearance, which is why restoration of these teeth is essential. Restorative dental care works to repair or replace teeth to ensure the smile functions at its best—and looks as natural as possible! The team at Snow Park Dental in Albuquerque, New Mexico, can assist with restorative dentistry.

What can be done about affected teeth?

A missing tooth will require a replacement option, depending on how many teeth are missing, the patient’s budget, and the individual’s lifestyle. Some patients may replace a single tooth with a dental implant, while others may consider bridges or removable partials. Those who have lost all their teeth will want to ask about dentures, including traditional full dentures and implant-retained dentures. Broken, chipped, or decayed teeth may benefit from composite resin fillings or porcelain dental crowns. Discussing your current situation and your unique needs is the first step in restoring the smile with the team’s help at Snow Park Dental.

What are some standard restorative dentistry solutions for patients?

Dr. Mark A. Miller provides the following therapeutic procedures for patient consideration:

  • Dental fillings for areas of tooth decay
  • Dental porcelain crowns to restore a tooth’s structure and strength
  • Bite Equilibration to balance the forces of chewing equally to all the teeth
  • Dental extractions, including simple and surgical
  • Wisdom tooth removal
  • Dental prosthetics, including dental bridges, complete dentures, and partials

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