Improving Smiles with Albuquerque Cosmetic Dentist

Another tool in Dr. Miller’s smile makeover toolbox, tooth and gum contouring can help improve esthetic issues such as chipped, crooked, uneven or noticeably small teeth. Tooth and gum contouring differ in both technique and time frame, with tooth contouring accomplished in a single visit while gum contouring generally involves some healing time after the procedure. In conjunction with each other, tooth and gum contouring will reshape your teeth and gum line and give you a lovely smile that shines with confidence.

Before proceeding with tooth contouring, Dr. Miller will first have x-rays taken of your teeth to ensure their strength and stability. After determining the suitability of your teeth for contouring, Dr. Miller will use a series of abrasive strips, a sanding drill, and a laser to shape each tooth before a final smoothing and polishing step finishes the job.

In some cases, the gum line may need some reshaping in order to underscore the beauty of your new smile. Because this involves the soft tissues of the mouth, gum contouring is generally a more involved procedure which will entail the use of an anesthetic and will require some healing time after the procedure.

In conjunction with a teeth whitening system, tooth and gum contouring can give you even, radiant teeth.

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