Gentle Tooth Extractions at Snow Park Dental

As a child, you probably looked at losing a tooth as a sign of growing up and as a way to earn a little extra spending money from the tooth fairy. Adults, of course, dread the thought of losing a tooth. However, tooth extraction can improve the overall health of your mouth.

Damage to a tooth can worsen over time and what may have started out as a shallow crack or cavity, if left unrepaired by a filling, crown, or root canal therapy, can deepen to the point that it exposes the pulp. In other instances, your teeth may be too crowded or you may have a tooth which cannot erupt through the gums because of overcrowding. In such cases, Dr. Mark Miller may suggest extracting the tooth as a way to preserve the overall health of your mouth.

Because Dr. Miller believes deeply in the power ofpatient education, he will guide you through all the steps involved in this procedure as well as provide you with postoperative instructions detailing how to care for your extraction site to ensure ideal healing. He may also suggest restorative options such as dental implants or bridgework to replace the extracted tooth and improve the health and appearance of your smile.

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